Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Resurrection #12 Cover- Roughs and Finishes

Here are a few of my rough ideas for the cover to issue #12. I had a pretty specific plan about what subject matter that I wanted to feature for the cover- over the course of this storyarc, we lose some pretty major players and I thought it would be cool to play up the mystery of who is going to make it out alive!

My first idea was to focus on Sara kneeling down at a grave marked with a Church of the Cosmos cross. Despite the fact that Sara is the most common thread of the book, I don't think we've featured her on the cover since the book relaunched.

I also thought it could work out well to put one of the followers of the COC in the extreme foreground carrying the body and have Sara and Frank responding to the sight of it.

After looking everything over, we decided to go with the third comp, mostly because it had a little better drama and using the leg of the body framed the shot well and created a good rhythm. It ended up being one of my favorite covers so far! You can check out the color version on the right hand side under Upcoming Issues.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Resurrection #10 Released this Week!

Resurrection #10 hits the stands this Wednesday and really ramps up the action in the Church of the Cosmos storyline- our group of heroes meet a brand new faction of affected people living in the aftermath of the alien resurrection and they are not too happy about being held captive!

The issue opens with our trademark double page splash and this one is one of my absolute favorites of the series so far. Check out the inked version below-

and here is the color version after Dan knocked it out of the park! Pretty sweet image.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Convention Sketching and Caviar Dreams

Man, what a weekend- WonderCon 2010 marked my first convention as an exhibitor and between that and the AAU alumni panel Thursday night, it was a pretty intense week. But what a blast! It was a nonstop weekend that left me with a ton to do but it was great to just sketch and do commissions for folks. Thanks to everybody who came by and had kind words to say about the book and my art- much appreciated.

I did a bunch of commissions, although I only got pictures of a few of them. Below are some of my favorites, plus a bunch of sketches for an idea I've been kicking around.