Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Halcyon Pin Up- Revised!

I went ahead and dropped in the character Oculus into the currently-in-progress Halcyon pin-up I've been working on. I love the design of the character and wanted to work him in if possible. There's a chance this one will see some color too- if it works out, I'll definitely post it up for folks to check out...

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Have You Been Reading- Sweet Tooth (cont'd)?

(Click to see full size)

Continuing my Sweet Tooth themed warm-ups, here is the more finished sketch of some of the characters from the book! Strangely, I found it most difficult to catch a likeness to Jepperd, despite his being the only regular human I drew.

I wanted to work in the guys wearing the masks with the dog people, but it looks like I'm out of time for now. Something to look forward to another day...

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Have You Been Reading- Sweet Tooth?

(Click to see full size)
I wanted to do a warm up sketch today and decided on Jeff Lemire's Sweet Tooth. I really was struck by how great the storytelling was in Essex County and decided to check out Sweet Tooth when it came out- fantastic book! There is such an emotional quality to the way it's drawn, so good.

I'm going to sketch up some more of the characters for next week's warm up on this same sheet of paper (it's much bigger than the sketch)- I bought a bunch of hot press watercolor paper and want to try out some techniques for applying a looser style to the comic stuff.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Have You Been Reading- Halcyon?

Another book I've been really into recently is Halcyon, written by friend and collaborator Marc Guggenheim and drawn by the talented Ryan Bodenheim. I always check out books that my pals are working on, but this one has really been a fantastic read with the current issue #3 being the best of the group. If you're not reading this comic, you should be- it's a surprising mystery that never stops twisting and asking interesting questions that keep me coming back.

Initially, I just intended to throw up a sketch based on the series but I got kinda wrapped up in the characters and designs. More sketches from comics I've been reading to follow...