Friday, April 29, 2011

Warm Up- Jonah Hex

Here's a warm up I did this week of Jonah Hex- I've always loved this character and thought it'd be fun to take a stab at him. I've been finding that the comic paper I use doesn't hold up well against the real wet stuff so it kinda made for a funny texture but I sort of like it for this particular drawing, old timey looking. It feels good to draw big when I'm doing sequentials all week that are much smaller and more careful.

Here is the inked version, before the washes:

I put this last version up on my newly minted Twitter account! That's right, I've broken down and gotten on twitter- no sense in putting it off any longer. You can now follow me at

Friday, April 22, 2011

More Preliminary Resurrection Cover Work

Here are some more unused comps for different Resurrection covers from last year. Ultimately they were beat out for the covers but each of them has some element that was borrowed for the finished versions. I particularly like the other version of Susannah from issue #10, could have made a good finished drawing. Maybe one of these days I'll just draw it up for fun...

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

WonderCon 2011- Round 2

Here's a couple more photos from WonderCon last weekend. I did a handful of convention sketches and here are a few more I got shots of:
Moon Knight-


and what set of sketches would be complete without my childhood hero, He-Man

Als, being that it was a local show, a number of celebrities came by the table, including some of my absolute favorite people in the world. Here a few of my many adorable nieces and nephews. That definitely makes the show for me :)

Monday, April 4, 2011

The WonderCon Whirlwind Weekend Post Game Wrap Up

What a weekend! Not only was WonderCon in town but I was wrapping up our move and cleaning up the old spot to boot- makes for a hectic week to be sure :) Despite being sat literally as far away from the front door as you could get, the con ended up being super busy and a great time was had by all. Thanks to everyone for coming out to say hello and check out our work. Here are a couple of shots of my talented partners in crime Dave Dwonch (far left in hat) and Super Ugly (middle). That's me on the right under the Super Ugly banner (appropriately enough).

Without these fellas, sitting in Artist Alley would probably lose a lot of it's charm. If you haven't checked out their podcast The Geek Savants, you're missing out.

I also spent a lot of timing signing over at the Oni Booth, talking up Resurrection and catching up with the Oni folks. An absolute show highlight was getting to check out a bunch of original art pages from amazing artists like Chris Mitten, Tyler Crook, and Brahm Revel. Seeing their work up close was so completely inspiring- lots to look forward to in the comic world :)

I did a bunch of Convention Sketches for folks and I'll start to post the ones that I had the foresight to photograph at the show. Here are a couple to check out for now: