Monday, July 25, 2011

Inspiration and Intoxication- the SDCC 2011 Wrap-Up

First off, I wish I had more drawings done from the show but I got completely sidetracked checking stuff out and talking to folks. I did the above sketches on the plane on the way in and was completely knocked out (and quite a bit hungover) on the ride back. Every time this con comes around, I leave feeling fired up and wanting to jump right back to the drawing board.

This show was hands down the most artistically inspirational one I've been to.

I don't know if it's just that as I develop I learn more about what is personally inspiring, or if it's just that I lucked into finding tons of rad stuff but I was overwhelmed by an amazing amount of talent and good will. All three of the new projects Oni had debuting at SDCC were powerhouse books. Phil and Tyler's book PETROGRAD has long been my prediction for best of show (check out the rest of the drawings on Tyler's site, this dude's a beast!), Ray Fawkes' book ONE SOUL is a ground breaker, and Joe and Brett's SPONTANEOUS is just the kind of series that, as a comic fan, I'd buy all day long. Big thanks to my friends at Oni Press for their hospitality, so good to see everybody.

Lots of other noteworthy highlights. I got to hang out with the WASTELAND crew and talk shop for a bit. Ol' Robbi Rodriguez hooked me up with a copy of FRANKIE GET YOUR GUN and as always, bowled me over with tons of great art and insight. Checked out amazing original art by Toby Cypress, Paul Azaceta, and John Paul Leon (who also had a bunch of cover comps and sketches on display that I couldn't get over). Picked up some crazy good books there too, including Wolves, Pixu, Infinite Kung Fu, Homeland Directive, Atelier, and lots more. *whew*

Amongst all the excitement, I got to run around with my pals from the Geek Savants and their extended family. Between having a number of drinks and listening to Dave and Super Ugly argue about their physical prowess, I had a grin on my face all weekend, funny guys and talented to boot.

There is plenty more to report but I'll wrap it here for now. Thanks to everybody who came over to say hello, and know that I am so inspired and humbled by all of the amazing work I saw.

Now it's time to get to work on making some of my own :)

Friday, July 15, 2011