Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Three Heads

I've had my nose to the grindstone recently, working on lots of pages for Wasteland. In a couple weeks I'll start putting up some art from the series to prime folks for the exciting release of issue #33 in January. In the meantime, here are a few head drawing from warm up drawings in the last month or so.

I did this quick drawing from a photo of Larry David. A friend hooked me up with the complete series of Curb Your Enthusiasm and I've finally worked my way through it. What a funny show! 

This one was done getting ready for a panel that really only required part of a head but I didn't feel like I could get it right unless I drew the whole thing and manually cropped it. Kinda liked the drawing though.

And lastly, a warm up head drawing to get in the zone one morning. I've been playing more and more with texture and line width, just trying to loosen up.

Thanksgiving is almost upon us- hope everybody has a good, relaxing holiday! Salud!

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Wasteland News!

The word is out and it's official: Wasteland #33 kicks off a new story arc in January, written by Antony Johnston, drawn by myself, and with covers by Christopher Mitten. And the best part? It comes to you at the super low price of $1! Now that's exciting :)

Although I briefly mentioned my involvement a number of months back, my first issue of Wasteland is finally close enough to be solicited in Preveiws for a January 18th release date. After working on it for so long in the dark, I'm really happy that the news is out and folks will finally get a taste for what we have in store for them.

I don't think I've ever told Antony and Chris, but I remember picking up the very first issue of this book when it came out at my LCS and being pretty bowled over by it. The art was completely original, so fresh and gritty, and with an intriguing story that had a rhythm and cadence all it's own. I was only recently out of art school at the time and as a young guy branching out into more mature, challenging comics, this book helped inform my understanding of the medium and see just how great indie comics can be at their best.

To be having the opportunity to draw it is a very excting thing for me and I hope the fans are pleased with what I have to bring to the table. Big thanks to Antony, Chris, and the Oni crew for letting me get up in the mix and play with their toys :)

You can find all of the official details here on the Oni Press site. In the meantime, here is an advance look at few of the upcoming pages from the book.