Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wasteland #34 Roughs and Finishes

Here's some more process work, this time for Wasteland #34 (still in comic shops, ready for you to pick up today :)

This was one of my favorite sequences of the story arc and a lot of fun to draw and tone. The pages were really pretty faithful to the rough versions with just a few small changes, like on page 7, panel 3 where I turned the main character towards the next panel rather than away from the action. Also, if you look close, you'll see my own editing process for thinking through the composition or reminders about details that might otherwise get overlooked.

Here are rough thumbnailed version of the pages:

And here are the finished pages, after a bit of collaboration with Antony, inks to finished tones (click to enlarge)...

Thanks for checking out the site! More to come soon...

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