Thursday, August 23, 2012

Art Bomb!

With the last month or so getting away from me, it feels like time to update with some new art from a few different places!

First off, a few more glimpses of work in progress on my future OGN Stringers (written by my Resurrection partner in crime Marc Guggenheim). I put these up on Twitter every now and again so give me a follow if you wanna check out more:

Also, I did a commission of the characters from the book Red Hood and the Outlaws (click to enlarge):

Finally, I've begun working on a project with one of my oldest comic book pals Mr. Dave Dwonch. It's still largely unnanounced so for now I'll just say that it's been a blast teaming up with him again and I'm excited for folks to see what we've been cooking up. 

Here is a little teaser that I put up recently:

and a random WIP panel that I'd put up as well:

That's it for now but more on the way soon! As always, thanks for having a look.


  1. that's some cool stuff. Especially the red hood drawing

  2. Hey Justin. Having a little discussion on the cbr forums regaridng oni books, and a few were anxious about the fate of Resurrection. I figured it was worth just straight up aksing. Is there still a plan to go back to the book when Stringers is finished or is it far too early to be asking quesitons of that nature?

    Oh, and I've got your run on Wasteland pre-ordered in tpb form, can't wait to get it :)!

  3. Hey James. So touching on what we were tweeting about, when we set out to do Stringers, it was always the plan to return to Resurrection after it was all wrapped up. The way things shook out, we were kinda delayed jumping into Stringers so at this point we are knee deep in the book, roughly halfway through, and it makes it kinda tough to know exactly when we'll be done.

    That being said, it doesn't mean Resurrection is dead in the water. I know how much Marc loves that book and I think it'd be awesome to revisit that project after cutting my teeth on it as my first real gig. It'll be a lot more clear once we are wrapping up the production portion of Stringers, but I think I can say with certainty that we'd both like to go back to it some time down the road.

    Thanks for the interest, and preordering the Wasteland TPB! And feel free to ask questions any time.