Monday, February 27, 2012

The Image Expo wrap up and the return to Stringers!

I attended the first ever Image Comic Expo over the weekend and I gotta tell you, it was a pretty interesting show. They held the con at the convention center in Oakland, where Wonder Con used to be held when I was a kid and it felt kinda nostalgic being in there again, only this time exhibiting.

Everybody knew this show would be small, certainly much smaller than WonderCon normally is, and there wasn't the big volume of crowds that WonderCon brings on. However, I was really surprised by the interactions at the show- it felt like a much more interested group of fans. I guess because everyone knew going in that the show was "creator-owned centric", there was not the typical crowd who's just looking for the next Big Two comic property, and people really took the time to stop and check out art and talk comics. We had a great time, and I got a chance to meet and talk shop with tons of great creators, many of whom I was already big fans of their work. I didn't realize there were so many Bay Area based comic artists and writers out there.

Check out some of the favorite con sketches I drew from the show below:

It's Memphis Slim! This was from a sketchbook of a guy who had a really fantastic group of artists drawing famous Blues artists in his collection. His book was led off by a kickass drawing by Dave Johnson, so everybody in there was bringing their A-game. I pretty much just drew with a pen all weekend, which was a nice change from the brush.


I drew this one in a sketchbook that was also themed, this one being a book of drawings of dysfunctional fathers. My favorite one of the group was a drawing of Heisenburg, Walt's alter ego from Breaking Bad. I initially planned on drawing God, but being unsure of the owner's sense of humor, I played it safe and drew Odin instead :) The picture is a little blurry, sorry for that.


The last one for now is one I did for myself of the two main characters in my next project, the OGN Stringers with Marc Guggenhiem and my friends at Oni Press! Preliminary work begins today and I've been looking foward to digging into this book for months. If you are not familiar with the book, you can check out our initial announcement some time back here on CBR. I'll be posting lots of sneak peaks at art and things in the coming months so stay tuned for more news...

Thanks to everybody who stopped by the table and said hello at the show! I had a great show and it was a lot of fun to come out of my cave and talk comics with everyone.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Image Expo comes to Oakland this weekend...

The newly minted Image Expo will be here in the Bay Area this weekend, Feb 24-26 and I am stoked at the prospect of a regular Oakland comic con. And the fact that it's focus is creator-owned books doesn't hurt :) You can find me at tables 706-708 in Artist Alley, posted up with my pals Dave Dwonch and Super Ugly. Please drop by and say hello! We'll have books for sale and tons of original art to check out.

Also, after the show Friday night, I'm going to be attending an afterparty with Daniel Logan at Dr. Comics and Mr. Games over on Piedmont to celebrate the release of Dave and Ugly's new projects. We'll be down there mixing it up with folks, drawing sketches and throwing down drinks. Lots of free booze so come through and talk comics with us!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wasteland #34 Hits Stores Today!

Issue #34 is available in comic shops everywhere and mysteries abound! Here is the solicit for the issue:

NEW STORY ARC “UNDER THE GOD” CONTINUES! After Brother Zakk’s shocking revelation, Michael, Abi, and Gerr must pick through the mysteries and half-memories to determine the truth. Who is the mysterious branded man? What does he want? Where is he going? And can they convince the townsfolk of Godsholm that they’re not Satan’s minions? Not if the priest, Father Affon, has anything to do with it…

Exciting, right? The book is also available digitally at Comixology.

Here is the art for the first few pages of the issue to check out (click to enlarge):

Monday, February 6, 2012


It's commission time again! I'm starting to prepare for Image Comic Expo and I have some free time to take on some extra drawing. If you're coming out to the Bay Area for the show and wanna do a preorder, or even if you can't make the show but want a sketch of your favorite character(s), drop me an email or check out my commissions page at The Interior Pages and click the envelope to send Jason an email to make arrangements.

Full Figure (Single Character): $50
Bust: $30

Mulitple characters are not a problem, just email with details.

Shipping is a flat $5 for US residents.

Here are some other commissions I did a while back:

Friday, February 3, 2012


(Click to Enlarge)

My buddy Brahm Revel is wrapping up the second volume of his awesome creator owned book GUERILLAS for ONI PRESS, and he asked me if I'd be down to work on a pin up for his bonus material section. Chain smoking chimps with guns running around in the jungles of Viet Nam? Yup, that's right up my alley. I've seen some of the new book and folks are going to be blown away, it's REALLY great.

If you haven't checked out the first volume, you're missing out- it's full of rad art and some of the best storytelling I've seen to date. Don't believe me? You can pick up the first chapter for free on Comixology here. But just take my word for it and by the first book, you won't be disappointed.

Lots of exciting stuff happening behinds the scenes over here and I'll have some big news coming your way pretty quick. One thing for sure: I'm gearing up for Image Con here in Oakland in a few weeks, and I'll have a post up early next week with commission info so stay tuned if you're in the Bay and you want some original art!