Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the drawing table...

Working on lots of different stuff this week, trying to get some odds and ends wrapped up before getting into full gear again next week. There are roughly 60 page comps strewn around the studio, along with a gang of character sketches and reference. Check out this sketch I did recently for Stringers, feeling out a couple of gangsters from the book:

I also did a drawing last week in a sketch book completely made up of Hulk commissions. I was asked to do a bust style drawing but having not often drawn the Hulk, I got kinda carried away and stretched it out a bit. I still want to do a drawing of Gray Hulk via Madripoor era, something for another day I guess.

More to come...

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Wasteland #35 Hits Stands Today!

That's right friends, the third issue of my Wasteland storyarc is on the shelf at your LCS and available at Comixology. In fact, as of today the whole series is now available on Comixology so it's a great opportunity to get caught up on this fantastic post-apocalyptic tale.

Here is the solicitation for issue #35 along with a preview:

'UNDER THE GOD' continues! Michael and Gerr have disappeared, and Abi is held at the mercy of Godsholm's Templars while Rykerd's men scour the town for the missing blasphemers. But Abi isn't so helpless as they think, and while Michael and Gerr get some 'quiet time', she makes a discovery that will change their relationship forever-- and even threaten their journey to A-Ree-Yass-I!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Wasteland #34 Roughs and Finishes

Here's some more process work, this time for Wasteland #34 (still in comic shops, ready for you to pick up today :)

This was one of my favorite sequences of the story arc and a lot of fun to draw and tone. The pages were really pretty faithful to the rough versions with just a few small changes, like on page 7, panel 3 where I turned the main character towards the next panel rather than away from the action. Also, if you look close, you'll see my own editing process for thinking through the composition or reminders about details that might otherwise get overlooked.

Here are rough thumbnailed version of the pages:

And here are the finished pages, after a bit of collaboration with Antony, inks to finished tones (click to enlarge)...

Thanks for checking out the site! More to come soon...