Wednesday, April 25, 2012

More Roughs and Raw Ink- Wasteland #36

Wasteland #36 came out a couple weeks ago and I thought I'd put up rough work of some of my favorite pages of the issue. This group was the climax of a heated fight between the Crusaders and our duo, which ended up being lots of fun to draw. Page 12 was a particular challenge and I wasn't sure that the layout in the rough would suit the book but I was pretty happy with the result I think it helped reducing the amount of black between panels.

Here are my thumbnail roughs for pages 11-13:

And the finished versions:

Only a couple weeks until the release of Wasteland #37! Can't believe how fast it feels like these issues having been coming out, time is flying by. 

I'll throw up another batch of Stringers glimpses next time 'round...

Thanks for checking out the work!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Them Wheels Keep on Turning...

... as I continue to work up this first batch of pages for STRINGERS, my upcoming OGN for Oni Press. It is easy to tell when things are in full swing when the studio is a mess and I'm trying to squeeze in 10 minute naps where I can. I'm having a blast already, so far so good.

A few random deskshots of character sketches pulled from my twitter:

Also, seems like a good time to give an early reminder that Wasteland #36 is coming to your local comic shops next Wednesday! "Devil's Dance" continues the Under the God storyline and features full of fist-o-cuffs galore! Don't forget to check it out...