Thursday, August 23, 2012

Art Bomb!

With the last month or so getting away from me, it feels like time to update with some new art from a few different places!

First off, a few more glimpses of work in progress on my future OGN Stringers (written by my Resurrection partner in crime Marc Guggenheim). I put these up on Twitter every now and again so give me a follow if you wanna check out more:

Also, I did a commission of the characters from the book Red Hood and the Outlaws (click to enlarge):

Finally, I've begun working on a project with one of my oldest comic book pals Mr. Dave Dwonch. It's still largely unnanounced so for now I'll just say that it's been a blast teaming up with him again and I'm excited for folks to see what we've been cooking up. 

Here is a little teaser that I put up recently:

and a random WIP panel that I'd put up as well:

That's it for now but more on the way soon! As always, thanks for having a look.