Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Ghost Town is coming...

(colors by the fantastic Jordie Bellaire)

This teaser I drew popped up a week or two ago but with ACTION LAB's recent announcent of their new mature readers line DANGER ZONE, it seemed like a good time to post this up for folks to check out.

This is a precursor to a project that has been a long time in the making and one I'm excited to be a part of. There will be lots more details as the book gets solicited in a month or two but I can say that I've gotten to work closely with one of my oldest comic pals Dave Dwonch, and we had a lot of fun collaborating again after many years. We have a one-shot coming soon and you can expect lots of surprises from the ensuing series by Ryan K Lindsay, Daniel Logan and Brian Dyck.

Monday, December 3, 2012

The Ballad of Sang

(Colors by Shari Chankhamma)

A few months back, my friend Ed Brisson and I got to talking about an idea he had for a comic about a vengeful primordial dwarf with a penchant for violence and an impossible mission. Nuff said, right?!? So when he asked me if I'd be down to do a pin-up for the project, I jumped at the chance to draw some Sang for myself.

You can check out a more thorough breakdown of Ed's idea on his site. There are also some other pin-ups from talented guys like Johnnie Christmas and Eric Zawadzki that really came out great. And you can also catch a link to Ed's fantastic crime comic Murder Book, or his new series Comeback from that site, both of which I really enjoyed and are definitely worth checking out.

Also, I'll put up my original line work for the pin-up below- it'll give you a good idea of just how good Shari's colors are...